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Self Ink Stamps @ Rs 250/-

Stamps are a great way to display your company’s authority on a document. A stamp lends validity and credibility to the document. The only problem with stamps is that sooner or later you will have your fingers smudged with ink, which may also get transferred to the documents. Hence, these self-inked stamps come without ink pads. They are easy to use, and leave your fingers clean and ink-less. It’s hassle-free and completely convenient.

These self-inking stamps do not require a pad and come pre-inked for your convenience. Made of high-quality plastic, these self-inking stamps are guaranteed to last long, leaving the perfect impression of your company.

Ordering self-inking stamps online is quick and easy. You can get a custom stamp design made from our design team. You can also upload your own self-inked stamp design to get a corporate self-inking stamp that is unique to your company.